Perhaps it’s Gareth Raflewski’s education as an engineer that gives him the focus and patience to analyze the swings of mid-handicap players and those for whom the game is a way of earning a living. Regardless, Raflewski, born in Ireland, educated in England and who played tour golf in Canada, comes to coaching with the passion of someone clearly enamored with the game, a fact that’s reflected in the success of his students. After teaching thousands of hours of lessons in recent years and focusing much of his research and instruction on the short game, Raflewski has become one of the most sought after instructors in Canada. He counts winners on PGA Tour Canada among his students, and his roster of clients includes players on the PGA Tour, the LPGA Tour, and many other professional tours around the world. But he’s more than just a short game guru. Raflewski’s holistic approach to the sport has resulted in success for his pupils at all levels of the game. “I’ll often start by looking at a player’s putting stroke, and our relationship grows from there,” says Raflewski, who grew up in Northern Ireland before moving to Canada to pursue a career in golf. “My goal is to look at the entire player—from their fitness, to their mental approach, to the way they hit the driver and stroke a putt. When you look at it all, you can identify what it takes to make a player better, and they’ll understand exactly where you’re coming from.”

With experience teaching LPGA Tour golfers such as Jane Park and PGA Tour pro Tag Ridings, as well as PGA Tour Canada successes such as Mike Gligic, Raflewski’s unique insights into the game and its nuances has generated fans and supporters locally and internationally from across the sport.